Leadership Minor


18 Total Hours

Minor Code: 5597

Required courses

9 hours

LEAD 2213 Theories of Leadership

LEAD 3313 Leadership and Civic Engagement

LEAD 4213 Ethics and Leadership OR


POL 4253 Ethics in Public Service OR


BADM 3103 Business Ethics

Required capstone course

3 hours

LEAD 4893 Civic Leadership Capstone


6 hours

Select from the following:

HLTH 3453 Group Dynamics

LEAD 1113 Introduction to Leadership

LEAD 1213 Leadership Development

LEAD 1320 Lessons in Leadership

LEAD 1331 Servant Leadership

LEAD 2000 Topics in Leadership

LEAD 3000 Workshop in Leadership

LEAD 3223 Leadership Studies for Transfers

LEAD 3513 Leadership Communication

LEAD 3533 Women and Leadership

LEAD 3541 Biblical Women: Leaders to Emulate

LEAD 3552 Jesus as Leader

LEAD 3611 Building Effective Teams

LEAD 3631 Leadership & Immediacy Behaviors

LEAD 3723 Measuring & Evaluating Leadership

LEAD 3990 Advanced Topics in Leadership

LEAD 4900 Practicum in Leadership

LEAD 4910 Seminar in Leadership

LEAD 4920 Workshop in Leadership

LEAD 4930 Individual Study in Leadership

LEAD 4940 Field Study in Leadership

LEAD 4950 Internship in Leadership

LEAD 4960 Institute in Leadership

LEAD 4970 Study Tour in Leadership

MCOM 2153 Introduction to Organizational Communication

MCOM 3393 Leading Groups & Building Teams in Organizations

MCOM 3523 Leadership Communication

MCOM 3633 Conflict & Negotiation in Organizations

MGMT 4623 The Art of Leadership

MLSC 2202 Basic Military Science II Fall

MLSC 2252 Basic Military Science II Spring

MLSC 4103 Advanced Military Science IV Fall

MLSC 4113 Advanced Military Science IV Spring

MUS 4333 Music Leadership and Advocacy

NURS 4412 Leadership/Management

OCTE 3413 Creativity for Leaders

OCTE 3513 Critical Thinking for Leaders

OCTE 3523 Leadership and Change

Note: Students may count either LEAD 3611 or MCOM 3393 as an elective in the minor but not both.

Minimum GPA