Students with laptops

Mass Communication Laptop Recommendation and Frequently Asked Questions 

The MacBook Pro Laptop is recommended for students who are Mass Communication majors in the following fields of study:

  • Photographic Arts
  • Professional Media (Journalism, Broadcasting)
  • Strategic Communications.
  • Additionally, students who are minoring within these fields of study, may also benefit from a MacBook Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is required?
    • At this time, the Department of Mass Communication recommends but does not require students to purchase a MacBook Pro for designated majors. A MacBook Pro is the recommended configuration to ensure compatibility with the coursework being taught in the department.
  • What model should I buy?
    • Any July 2012 or later model of Apple's MacBook Pro line is recommended as a new laptop purchase. A MacBook Air or MacBook is not recommended at this time due to hardware limitations.
  • What if I want or already have a Windows-based machine?
    • All software used within Mass Communication is based on the MacOS. Additionally, certain software used within coursework is exclusive to MacOS. Therefore, a Windows based machine is not recommended for coursework.
  • Do I need to purchase an AppleCare warranty with my laptop?
    • It is highly recommended to purchase an AppleCare warranty with your laptop purchase. For up to three years after your laptop purchase, AppleCare covers certain hardware and technical support if needed for your MacBook Pro. UCO’s Central Tech Store is authorized to provide support right here on campus.
  • How much will the laptop cost?
    • The cost is based upon what model you purchase. Depending on your major, you may want to upgrade monitor size, memory, and hard drive space. The entry level MacBook Pro with an Apple Care Warranty and student pricing is currently priced under $1400.
  • What software is recommended?
    • Software used within Mass Communication coursework includes the following:
      • Adobe Creative Cloud 2015
        • Photoshop (Digital Photography)
        • Bridge (Digital Photography)
        • InDesign (Advertising and Print Layout)
        • Audition (Broadcast Audio Production)
      • Final Cut Pro X (Video Editing)
      • Office Productivity Suites (iWork or Microsoft Office)
    • Depending on coursework and your major, you may not need to purchase all recommended software. Check with your instructor to see what software is used within a particular course.
    • Certain software can be purchased at a discount or special student pricing. Be sure to look for and ask about student software editions and pricing. 
    • Apple Pro Apps for Education Bundle
  •  Do I own my laptop?
    • Yes! Your MacBook Pro and software purchased is yours to keep and take with you upon graduating.
  • Where to buy?
    • UCO Central Tech Store (405-974-3681) - 2nd Floor Nigh University Center - Offers software and hardware at discounts to UCO students.
    • Apple Retail Store - Penn Square Mall (405-767-9393) - NW Expressway and Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City, OK - Offers educational discounts to UCO Students.
    • Apple Retail Store - Woodland Hills Mall - (918-249-7800) - 71st Street and Memorial Drive, Tulsa, OK - Offers educational discounts to UCO Students.
    • Education Store - Offers educational discounts to UCO Students.