Human Communication

(Begining Fall 2012)

If one area of study were to be identified as the foundation of all other areas of study, it would be human communication. It is through human communication that we live, work, and experience the world in which we live. Our relationships with others are created, maintained, strengthened, weakened, and dissolved through communication. Therefore, UCO’s Master of Arts degree in Human Communication makes intuitive sense as people express themselves and interpret others through communicative interactions.
Coursework in the graduate Human Communication degree program addresses the analytical, theoretical, and skills approaches to the study of human communication processes and problems. This program prepares students for effective human interaction by improving people skills as well as task productivity.  Areas of emphasis include interpersonal relationships, group and team processes, conflict management, consulting, and language and social interaction.

Why Earn a Master’s Degree in Human Communication?


UCO’s Master’s degree program in Human Communication teaches advanced skills students need to work successfully in the highly-competitive field of communication. Among the skills acquired through the program are mediation, conflict management, negotiation, health, organizational contexts, and teaching.  Individuals with a Master’s Degree in Human Communication find work in a number of professions, including communication strategy, leadership, administration, consulting, intercultural relations, ministry, and human capital.

Students have the opportunity to work with nationally recognized, published scholars in Human Communication. Students also work closely with faculty to identify specific interests to tailor coursework based on areas of emphasis important to students such as interpersonal, health, intercultural.
Applicants with a completed bachelor’s degree from an accredited university may be considered for acceptance into the program. Once accepted, student may choose to attend part-time or full time.