Department Of Modern Languages

Flex-Ed (Correspondence) Spanish

Correspondence Education courses, now known as Flex-Ed courses, are available for Elementary Spanish I and II-SPAN1114 and SPAN1224-and offer flexibility for students that find that the traditional campus courses don't fit their schedules or that aren't able to enroll in the online courses due to the limited enrollment in those sections. With your text, a computer and an internet connection, you can work on the course at home, on weekends, late at night, or even on vacation and work at your own pace and convenience, taking as little as a few weeks or as much as a year to complete the course assignments.

Flex-Ed Spanish is also ideal if you have some previous study of Spanish, but don't think you're prepared to pass the CLEP test. You can move more quickly through material that is familiar and work at your own pace through less familiar topics that require more review. While you enjoy the freedom to work independently, you will still benefit from being able to access a full-time faculty member in the language.

Students that need to enroll in campus sections for subsequent Spanish courses don't have to worry about being prepared for that coursework because Flex-Ed Spanish covers the same objectives for Elementary Spanish I and II as both the campus and online sections and the text and materials are the same as those for the online courses. Although you won't have the same opportunities to practice speaking with classmates as on-campus students, the lab exercises will help you develop listening and speaking skills.

For more information on Flex-Ed Spanish 1114 or 1224 courses at UCO, including fees and enrollment information, visit UCO's Flex-Ed page.