College of Liberal Arts: Department of Modern Languages: Majors & Minors: Asian Studies

Asian Studies 

UCO's Asian Studies Minor brings together a foundation in an Asian language and upper-division classes on important topics-taught in English.  You can match up Chinese language skills with a History course on China and Japan, or build on several semesters of Japanese with courses on International Marketing or Geography.  Possibly Korean might speak to you.  Future employers see your major and your minor-so they will know that you have a much broader range than just one field.  Future graduate programs see your curiosity and ambition in your having a major and a minor-and they might be able to fund Study Abroad in an Asian country.  This minor complements majors in History, Geography, Political Science, Humanities, Modern Languages, English, Marketing, International Business, Multicultural Education, Philosophy, Management, Sociology and many more.  A declared minor also makes you eligible for tuition waivers from sponsoring departments!

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