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Stuff That I've Found Fun to Do

Over the last decade I have published steadily on scrip, emergency monies, and other local currency, including examples of satirical and other propaganda notes. Some of these pieces have appeared in academic journals. A rather larger number of them can be found in Paper Money, the journal of the Society for Paper Money Collectors ( with which I have enjoyed a productive (and, I hope, mutually-rewarding) relationship as both an author and columnist.

Whether for an academic or a general interest audience, I have striven to document carefully and accurately the stories of these various monetary ephemera, as well as the interests and ideas that have animated them. Some of these episodes have fallen into historical obscurity, and I view my efforts as contributing to the reconstruction of alternative monetary realities that have been obscured by the dominant relationship between nation-states and money.

 In order to make my research more widely available to interested readers, I've provided links below to pdf copies of these articles. Please email me with any comments or suggestions!

“E.S. Wells was Rough on Rats” Paper Money (November-December 2015): 434-438.

"Dick Gregory's One Vote Note" Paper Money (May-June 2015): 192-195.

"George McGovern's $1000 Promissory Note" Paper Money (November-December 2014), 432-435.

"Chicago's Panic Scrip of 1907" Paper Money (September-October 2014), 338-345.

"Fighting Corruption with the Zero-Rupee Note" Paper Money (July-August 2014), 278-280.

"'Thoreau Money' and War Tax Resistance" Paper Money (January-February 2014), 66-74

"The Clearinghouse Certificate as a Cash Substitute" Panic Scrip of 1893, 1907 and 1914: An Illustrated Catalog of Emergency Monetary Issues, Shafer, Sheehan and Reed, eds. (McFarland 2013), 385-397.

"Dr. Borsodi's Constant" Paper Money (September-October 2013), 339-345.

"'One Fart', and other Examples of Detachable Canadian Political Currency" Paper Money (July-August 2013), 304-319.

"Tax Anticipation Scrip as a Form of Local Currency in the USA during the 1930s" International Journal of Community Currency Research 16 D (2012), 20-33.

"Tax Anticipation Scrip during the Great Depression" Paper Money (July-August 2012), 259-267. (This is a shorter version of the IJCCR article, but with some nice pictures.)

"Ending Poverty in America and the 'Sincliar' Dollar" Paper Money (January-February 2012), 46-50.

"From Black Market to Barter Mart in Postwar Germany" Paper Money (September-October 2011), 364-372.

"Canada's 'Diefendollar' and the Election of 1962" Paper Money (September-October 2010), 332-336.

"Oklahoma Bank Behavior and the Panic of 1907" Essays in Business and Economic History XXVIII (2010), 5-25.

"The Modern Local Currency Movement in the United States and Canada" Paper Money (November-December 2009), 426-440.

"An the West Jes' Smiled": Oklahoma Banking and the Panic of 1907" Chronicles of Oklahoma 86 (Spring 2009), 4-33.

"A Professor and a Paper Panacea: Irving Fisher and the Stamp Scrip Movement of 1932-1934" Paper Money (March-April 2009), 125-142.

"A Satirical Note on the 'Ham and Eggs' California Scrip Movement of 1938-1939" Paper Money (November-December 2008).

"Local Money in the United States During the Great Depression", Essays in Economic and Business History XXVI (2008), 47-61.

"Money Matters: The Stamp Scrip Movement in Depression-Era Oklahoma", Chronicles of Oklahoma 84 (Fall 2006), 260-87.

"Sooner Scrip than Cash: Oklahoma's Emergency Currency of March 1933" Paper Money (November/December 2006), 419-433. (This is a shorter version of the Chronicles piece from 2004).

"A Postscript to the Postal Note: Fractional Currency Schemes After the 1890s" Paper Money (September/October 2006), 360-368.

 "'This is Not United States Currency': Oklahoma's Search for Liquidity during the Banking Crisis of 1933" Chronicles of Oklahoma 82 (Summer 2004), 168-199.

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