College of Liberal Arts: Department of Political Science: Dr. Jan Hardt

Jan Hardt, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science
Office:  Liberal Arts 102B
Phone:  405/974-5840

Ph.D. University of Maryland -- College Park; 1993
M.A. University of CA -- Davis; 1988
B.A. Union College, Schenectady NY; 1986

Research Interests:
My research interests focus on the U.S. Congress. My research has entered a new realm of congressional scholarship by focusing on the campaigns for leadership positions in the Congress. How do members of Congress campaign for internal leadership positions? What strategies do they use? This research is new in congressional scholarship because it includes over 120 races, with over 300 candidates. My research has also studied the role of freshman members in the U.S. Congress and their success as a class in getting things accomplished.


American National Government

American Politics (Graduate)

Campaigns and Elections

Information Management in Political Science

Elections II: The Race

Environmental Politics 

Media and Politics

Political Parties

Public Finance and Budgeting

Newt as Leader II

Politics of Generation X, The

U.S. Congress

Awarded Pi Sigma Alpha's Best Chapter Advisor of 2005 by national organization; UCO Chapter Sponsor of the Year, 2005 for Pi Sigma Alpha; and Oklahoma Political Science Teacher of the Year, 2004

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