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The Sociology department at the University of Central Oklahoma examines the relationship between individuals, groups, and cultures and how these social groups affect human behavior. The sociology student will gain knowledge in a variety of different areas including social deviance, family, gender and sexuality, research, theory, sociology of aging, and social work. Students may also concentrate their studies in general sociology, human services, and substance abuse studies.

An undergraduate degree in sociology will allow students to have a career in a variety of different areas including social work, politics, public administration, public relations, law, research assistant. counseling and a plethora of other professional occupations. A Bachelor's degree in Sociology will also prepare students to continue advanced studies in different academic disciplines.

To further enhance the students' undergraduate curriculum, the department offers the option of completing a practicum. Participating in a practicum allows the student to gain advance knowledge and skills within a specific profession they are interested in pursuing after graduation.

Human Services Option

The Human Services option at the University of Central Oklahoma prepares students for a career in social work. Specific areas covered in this major include Introduction to Social Work, Minorities in American Society, The Family, Human behavior and the Social Environment, and Social Welfare Theory. Students enrolled in the Human Services option must also complete a 3 credit hour Field Study in Sociological Services. Students are allowed to choose from a variety of different disciplinary options including sociology, criminal justice, and Substance Abuse Studies.

Sociology Degrees available

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology - Human Services

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology - Substance Abuse Studies

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