Current Syllabi

Dr. Barbara Arnold

GERO5443, CRN26717, Biology of Human Aging

Dr. Brenda Chappell

SOC2113, CRN26782, Human Sexuality

SOC2113, CRN26783, Human Sexuality

SOC4243, CRN26811, Social Deviance

SOC4443, CRN26812, Social Stratification

Art Christie

SAS4413, CRN26746, Group Dynamics for Substance Abuse

SAS5910, CRN26772, Group Dynamics for Substance Abuse

Beverly Coon

SOC2103, CRN26778, Sociology

SOC2203, CRN26784, Social Problems

SOC2503, CRN26794, Intro to Social Work

SOC2503, CRN26795, Intro to Social Work

SOC4233, CRN26810, Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Dr. Leeda Copley

SOC2103, CRN26777, Sociology

SOC3303, CRN26802, Sociology of Health and Medicine

SOC4773, CRN26818, Sociological Research

Ellison Darling

SOC2103, CRN26775, Sociology

SOC2103, CRN26779, Sociology

SOC2103, CRN26780, Sociology

Eugene Gissandaner

SOC2503, CRN26793, Intro to Social Work

Dr. Karel Joyce Kalaw

GERO5213, CRN26715, Health and Social Services for Seniors

GERO5363, CRN26716, Psychology of Aging

SOC4053, CRN26809, Sociology of Aging

Dr. J. Keith Killian

SAS5353, CRN26761, Advanced Group Dynamics,

SAS5413, CRN26762, Psychopathology and Co-occurring Disorders

SAS5893, CRN26765, Capstone SAS

Dr. Ladonna McCune

SAS3123, CRN26735, Addictive Process

SAS5523, CRN26763, Cultural Sensitivity for Addiction Treatment

Dr. Nina Michalikova

SOC2103, CRN26776, Sociology

SOC4043, CRN26806, Sociological Statistics

SOC4043, CRN26808, Sociological Statistics

SOC4633, CRN26815, Social Welfare Theory

Brooke Montoya

SAS2603, CRN26722, Intro to SAS

SAS2603, CRN26723, Intro to SAS

SAS4303, CRN26740, Special Populations in SAS

SAS4313, CRN26743, Codependency

SAS4333, CRN26745, Advanced Counseling Skills

SAS5303, CRN26758, Special Populations in SAS

SAS5333, CRN26759, Advanced Counseling Skills

SAS5910, CRN26770, Codependency

G. Pace

SAS5633, CRN24576, Counseling the Abused

SOC4463, CRN26813, The Abused

SOC5463, CRN26826, The Abused

Dr. Doug Reed

GERO5743, CRN26718, Colloquium

SOC4693, CRN26816, Social Theory

Tosha Robinson

SOC2103, CRN26781, Sociology

SOC2203, CRN26786, Social Problems

SOC2203, CRN26787, Social Problems

Melissa Ross

SOC2303, CRN26789, Social Psychology

SOC2303, CRN26790, Social Psychology

SOC2303, CRN26791, Social Psychology

Sydney Sevier

SOC2413, CRN26792, Cultural Anthropology

Cody Shoemaker

SAS2603, CRN26725, Intro to SAS

SAS2603, CRN26727, Intro to SAS

Dr. Gary Steward

SOC2103, CRN27274, Sociology

SOC4533, CRN27365, Sociology of Death and Dying

SOC5533, CRN27366, Sociology of Death and Dying

Dr. Cia Verschelden

SOC4233, CRN26829, Human Behavior in the Social Environment

SOC5233, CRN26830, Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Dr. Nicole Warehime

SOC2303, CRN26788, Social Psychology

SOC3203, CRN26798, Minorities in American Society

SOC3403, CRN26803, The Family

SOC3633, CRN26805, Criminology

Kathryn Williams

SOC2011, CRN28082, Careers in Sociology

Linda Williams

SAS4273, CRN26736, Substance Abuse and the Family

SAS4273, CRN26738, Substance Abuse and the Family

SAS5273, CRN26756, Substance Abuse and the Family

SAS5273, CRN26757, Substance Abuse and the Family

Michael Willis

SOC3203, CRN26799, Minorities in American Society

SOC3203, CRN26801, Minorities in American Society