UCO Debate

Central Oklahoma is home to a nationally competitive NDT/CEDA debate program. The program travels students to approximately 15 tournaments throughout the school year including: Kentucky, Wake Forest, UMKC, University of North Texas, Texas, Texas-Dallas, and a number of other locations. Broncho Debate also hosts a college debate tournament, a high school workshop, a high school debate tournament, and a series of public debates throughout the year.


All UCO students may join the debate team regardless of past experience. Experienced high school debaters are encouraged to join before classes begin their first year on campus, and will work with the team throughout the summer in preparation for the upcoming season. Students with little or no previous debate experience can join the program at any time. Arrangements are made to provide training for all new debaters in order to speed their entry into intercollegiate competition.


Broncho debate has many scholarship opportunities for students. The team has several endowed scholarships that students can learn about on the College of Liberal Arts' scholarship page. Debaters are also eligible for scholarships through Student Affairs and the College of Liberal Arts. These scholarships are based on an individual's contribution to the team as determined by the coaching staff. All scholarships require that students meet eligibility requirements outlined by the Director of Debate. In addition, donations to the Doug Duke Endowment for Excellence can be made at the UCO Foundation Giving Page.  

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