Why Debate

Debate provides a valuable contribution to the transformative learning experience at UCO. Debate teaches students critical thinking and effective communication skills needed to succeed in college and in life. Many studies have found participation in debate improves college students' GPA's, reading comprehension, and overall educational experience.

Why Debate at UCO

UCO provides debate opportunities for all students. The UCO debate team is committed to providing support for students regardless of their experience level or their ideological approach to debate. We are committed to producing not only top caliber debaters, but also top students and citizens. The coaching staff works tirelessly to provide debate skills training and academic support to team members.

The UCO debate team also provides substantial financial assistance to debaters. All travel expenses are paid for by the UCO debate team. Scholarships are also available to nearly every member of the team that meets eligibility requirements. Nearly everyone who participates on the UCO debate team receives some form of financial support.