Study Tours

A study tour is a credit-bearing course in which the majority of the academic work is accomplished through group study and travel outside the UCO campus. It provides a group of students with an applied, supervised experience at an off-campus location, whether foreign or domestic, for a minimum of two or more overnights, and enhances the student's classroom knowledge of an academic discipline(s) through first-hand exposure. Once on site, travel during the study tour is an integral part of the learning process.

Study Tours proposed for 2018 include:

Spring Break 2018

For Summer 2018:

Funds may be available to help students offset some of the expense of study tours. A completed Study Tour Grant Application is necessary to be considered. If you are a major or minor in the Department of History and Geography, you may be eligible for a History and Geography Study Tour Scholarship.

If you have declared a Leadership minor, you may be eligible for a Leadership Study Tour Grant.