Making the Modern: Vienna, Prague & Berlin
June 3-18, 2017
3 credit hours               

Vienna-Prague-Berlin!Experience the excitement, the sophistication, the history of German-speaking Europe.


Dr. Rudi Nollert (GERM)

Dr. Mary Brodnax (HUM)

Dr. Erik Huneke (HIST)

Drs. Nollert, Brodnax and Huneke each speak German fluently. Course participants earn 3 credit hours in German, History or Humanities. One week in Vienna, a weekend in Prague and a week in Berlin. Airfare, ground transportation, entry fees, hotels, breakfasts and some meals included in the $3500 fee.

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Additional Information:
 Dr. Rudi Nollert, Modern Languages.
Dr. Eric Huneke, History and Geography
Dr. Mary Brodnax, Humanities and Philosophy