Symposium 2018

Celebrating Student Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity

2018 CoverThe University of Central Oklahoma's College of Liberal Arts will host its annual symposium from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, March 28, 2018, offering students the opportunity to present their exemplary writing and research and to participate in other academic and creative activities. Classes in the College of Liberal Arts are redirected during the event to allow students to participate and to give classmates the chance to experience the scholarly and creative work of their fellow students.

The Liberal Arts are becoming more important every day, and in our college we teach our students to ask the right questions, to study their past and to analyze their present. In the Liberal Arts differ from other disciplines because our objects of study many times are not in front of us and the result of our experiments might be mere hypothesis. But those ideas are the starting point for UCO students to begin to understand the community they live in. The Liberal Arts and the Humanities overall have been criticized because at the end of their careers our students do not produce a finalized object with exchange value. However, what we teach them are intellectual and critical skills that shall have value in any career, project, or activity they decide to develop in the future. But above all, we hope we can help make them better citizens in an always changing world.

UCO Students: To apply online to Liberal Arts Symposium, visit the following webpage. Please note application deadlines of February 9th for both individual and group submissions.

Individual submission form:

Group submission form:

For additional information, contact faculty representatives to the Liberal Arts Symposium committee:

Modern Languages

Guillermo Martínez, Chair / x5857

Dean's Office

Chelsi Dennis / x2522


Kate Huber / x5631

Sociology, SAS, Gero

Brooke Montoya / x5622

LaDonna McCune / x5538

Political Science

Brett Sharp / x5526

Humanities & Philosophy

Jerry Green / x5612

Mass Communication

Jesse Miller / x5124

History & Geography

Michael Springer / x3416

Criminal Justice

Matt Jones / x5613 

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