Women's Studies Minor

The Women's Studies Minor at the University of Central Oklahoma consists of the completion of eighteen hours of courses that have been approved by the Academic Affairs Council as Women's Studies courses. 

Two courses are required: "Introduction to Women's Studies," taught every spring semester, and "Women and Values," taught every other spring semester.  "Introduction to Women's Studies" prepares students for other Women's Studies courses.  "Women and Values" is a capstone course, synthesizing and evaluating the issues relevant for a contemporary study of women's issues.

The Women's Studies Minor is compatible with a major in any university discipline.

At the beginning of a course of study leading to a minor in Women's Studies, students are encouraged to contact the Interim Director of the Women’s Studies Program, Dr. Lindsey Churchill, for consultation and planning the course of study.  Dr. Churchill may be reached at (405) 974-5671 or at lchurchill@uco.edu.

Womens Studies class