Office of the President

President, Dr. Don BetzWelcome from Don Betz, Ph.D.

Welcome to the University of Central Oklahoma, one of our state's great public universities, where teaching comes first and our students develop personal relationships with faculty and staff who are committed to transforming lives. Central provides an opportunity-rich environment with an appealing campus located in the thriving Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

Central is a university committed to preparing future leaders for a world of change we can imagine and project, but not know with certainty. We strive to offer a culture that develops habits and values that allow our students to adapt and learn in a world of increasing access, connectivity and ambiguity. Through the contributions of hundreds of faculty and staff, Central is committed to preparing our students for success by providing transformative experiences.

This transformational journey is guided by our core values of character, civility and community, and articulated in what we call the "Central Six." It begins with the student's selection of one of our more than 100 major areas of study, through which a foundation of discipline and knowledge develops. The journey continues, as our students are encouraged to take a role of leadership centered on learning and focused by integrity, stewardship and service. They learn, through research, scholarly and creative activities, to solve problems. They become involved in activities that will prepare them for civic engagement, ethical reasoning and lifelong learning. They learn to communicate effectively in a complex world, to function in diverse environments and to adapt to the continuously changing global society. Our students learn that health and wellness are central to living a full life, with vitality and meaning.

The University of Central Oklahoma is creating a pathway to relevance and distinction that distinguishes us among our peers. At a time of momentous challenge and profound change, Central has committed itself to creating and sustaining a culture of learning. As you, and others, assess the value of institutions to meet the challenge of change, we are able to respond with clarity and vision.

We know that education and a culture of learning can change lives, our communities and our state. I am proud to belong to an academic community where learning surrounds us in what we say and do each day. 

It's how we Live Central.