Upcoming Events

October 9, 2013
Speaker Event: Koren Zailckas

October 23, 2013
National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week Rally

March 12, 2014
Safe Spring Break Rally

Faculty & Staff Information

student in classIf a student is evidencing signs of abuse and you have talked with them about consulting with us:

  • Call (405) 974-2215 to let us know you (or someone) is escorting a student to our office, located on the 4th Floor of the Nigh University Center, Room 402.
  • If you are unable to escort them, please provide them with referral information for our office and let us know about the referral that you made. This way a record can be made for future reference if they don't show up at our office as expected.

What happens if it is after hours?

In an urgent situation happening after hours, contact the emergency dean (405) 200-3004.

Faculty Staff Resource Guide

Click here for for the most recent version of the faculty-staff resource guide.