When To Increase Support

There are a lot of factors your student may have to juggle their first and subsequent years. Here are some things to consider based on different parts of the semester:

Early weeks of fall semester

  • How are they adapting to their roommate?
  • How are they adapting to being alone?
  • How are they adapting being away from home?
  • How are they adapting to the school curriculum, syllabus?
  • Are they getting involved on campus (e.g., activities for Stampede Week, Games, etc.)?


  • What kinds of tests they are preparing for?
  • Are they aware of services available on campus?
  • Do they need to talk with their college dean about tutoring programs, mentors, etc.?
  • If first generation student, or if your family meets some income requirements, has the student explored grant funded programs on campus that provide help with tutoring, tuition reimbursement, and mentors, etc.
  • Have they been chronically ill? Should they consider an appointment with their family doctor, or the UCO Wellness Center?
  • Are they feeling overwhelmed or stressed? They can request free services at the Student Counseling Center.
  • Are they maintaining balance?
  • Regular eating and sleeping habits
  • Doing something pleasurable at least once per week
  • Regularly involved with at least one friend
  • Doing some type of exercise

Semester End: Student's stress level significantly increases due to classroom requirements, trying to register for next semester, trying to determine how to pay for tuition.

  • Talk openly with them about the above concerns
  • Help them to problem solve
  • Be willing to come up and help them to do the leg work, or take them to lunch
  • Help them hunt for scholarships: scout out the UCO foundations website, or joint the Parents Association