Upcoming Events

October 9, 2013
Speaker Event: Koren Zailckas

October 23, 2013
National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week Rally

March 12, 2014
Safe Spring Break Rally

Information for Students

students at Edmond Police showcaseDo you use:

  • To forget about your problems?
  • To de-stress from your coursework?
  • To fit in with a particular group?
  • To feel more self-confident and sure of yourself?

Do you find yourself:

  • Drinking or using more than you had planned?
  • Needing more alcohol or drugs to achieve the same effects?
  • Forgetting events from the night before?
  • Drinking or using alone?

Have you ever:

  • Tried to cut down on your alcohol or drug use but were unsuccessful?
  • Felt criticized because of your use?
  • Missed class, work, or social events because of your use?
  • Experienced financial difficulties because of alcohol or drugs?

More information that you will find helpful:

If you answered yes to any of these, please take a few minutes to learn more about how alcohol and drugs may be affecting your life. E-CHUG and E-TOKE are self-assessments designed to help you understand your patterns.

  • Alcohol Assessment Tool, e-CHUG
  • Marijuana Assessment Tool, e-TOKE