Tips for Students

Tips for cutting down on drinking

  • Keep track of how much you drink. Find a way to track that works for you. Consider transferring paperclips or some light object from one pocket to the other pocket to keep a tally of how many drinks you consume while you are drinking.
  • Counting and Measuring. Know standard drink sizes and alcohol content of type of drinks (beer, wine, mixed drinks, etc.) so you can know how much alcohol you consume.
  • Setting Goals. Decide before drinking how days a week, how many drinks per day and per hour that you want to consume.
  • Pace and Space Pace yourself when drinking. Sip slowly. Drink no more than one drink per hour. Alternate with non-alcoholic "drink spacers" (juice, soda, water, etc.).
  • Eat before drinking.
  • Avoid "triggers." "Response" or "Trigger" drinking when faced with a stressor, person, or place is hard to stop. The easiest way is to avoid the trigger. If home is a place where problem drinking happens, don't keep alcohol at home.