Ways To Tell If You Might Have Been Drugged and Raped

It can be difficult to distinguish the signs of being drugged. This is because alcohol intoxication resembles many of the symptoms seen with date-rape drugs. Others may tell you that you "blacked out" from alcohol when in fact you were drugged.

You may not be aware of being drugged until 8 or 12 hours later. To make matters more difficult, these drugs leave the body quickly and may leave no evidence. However, below you will find a few signs that drugs are/were involved:

  • You feel drunk and haven't drank any alcohol
  • You've had a few drinks but feel like the effects of alcohol are stronger than usual. For example, nausea, visual disturbances, or difficultly with coordination
  • You wake up feeling very hung over and disoriented or having no memory for a period of time (this is what others may call "black out")
  • You remember having a drink but nothing after that
  • You find your clothes are torn or not on right
  • You feel like you had sex but cannot remember it

How can I protect myself from being a victim?

  • Don't accept drinks from other people
  • Open containers yourself
  • Keep your drink with you at all times, even when you go to the bathroom
  • If you left your drink unattended pour it out
  • Don't share drinks
  • Don't drink from punch bowls of other common, open containers. They may already have drugs in them.
  • If someone offers you a drink, go with them, watch the drink being poured and carry it yourself
  • Don't drink anything that tastes or smells strange (especially if it taste salty)
  • Have a ‘nondrinking' friend with you, or at least someone designated as the ‘sober attendee' for that night
  • Seek help immediately if you feel drunk and haven't had any alcohol or the number of drinks is not sufficient to produce the effects you are feeling