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Centre for Global Competency

The Centre for Global Competency (CGC) here at the University of Central Oklahoma is the first of its kind. We are committed to provide exciting education abroad programs such as international internships, short term study tour courses, and meaningful study abroad programs in more than 21 countries in various parts of the world. 

The CGC was born out of UCO's mission of transformative learning, and a joint venture between the Division of Student Affairs and the Office of Academic Affairs. We do not only offer education abroad programs, but also provide the necessary tools for you to become a globally competent individual; someone who has encountered a world of new possibilities and is transformed into a resilient and dynamic leader.

CGC will provide the necessary guidance throughout your education abroad experience so you won't be alone. We will help obtain your visa, assist you in booking your housing accommodations, assure the transferability of the courses, apply for scholarships, and the most important aspect of all, we will help you achieve a successful and meaningful experience while studying abroad.

By participating in an exchange agreement with our international sister institutions and universities, you could be eligible for Financial Aid and scholarships to cover living and travel expenses. You will be surprised to learn just how affordable an education abroad program could be. Whether it is for one or two semesters, you can easily cover the majority of the expenses.  

We understand that not everyone can leave their homes for a long period of time. For this particular reason, the CGC brings the world to you. Throughout the year, we organize intercultural events and activities so you can experience different cultures without leaving Oklahoma. Whether it is attending a CGC event with your "buddy" by participating in the Broncho Buddies program, or having dinner with an international family through the IGNITE program, you too can achieve a global experience. 

The CGC also provides the prestigious Global Competency Certification, a unique program that gives you the opportunity to become a global leader who is recognized by the community. You will earn the necessary skills to adapt to different cultures, to move successfully within international circles, to become more responsible by personal and professional growth, to communicate in languages other than English, and to show international leadership. Many of our Global Competency certificate holders are already working overseas. Come to the CGC and find out how you can be the next global leader.


Mission Statement
The Centre for Global Competency at the University of Central Oklahoma is committed to becoming nationally recognized as the premier institute for leading students to compete successfully in globally dependent situations.


Vision Statement
We facilitate, connect and document the journey made available through the University of Central Oklahoma faculty, staff and Oklahoma community as the student discovers a new world of possibilities while being transformed into a resilient and dynamic leader.

Study Abroad Medical Insurance

In order to apply for the medical insurance plan during your Study Abroad experience, please feel out a this brief questionnaire.

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