Centrex for Global Competency - a Division of Student Affairs at the University of Central Oklahoma

Global Experience

The Global Experience component consists of co-curricular experiences both on and off campus. These experiences aim to create a personal experience between you and the many cultures of Oklahoma. UCO presents numerous opportunities to connect with different cultures, through International Student organizations, clubs, on-campus chapters of International Organizations, and even living with international students in residence halls. Here are some examples of co-curricular activities:

There is a special program that the Centre for Global Competency recommends to  every student who is pursuing the Global Certificate program: Broncho Buddies is an intercultural program designed to bring international students and domestic students together to learn from one another. Buddies are paired based on common interests and shared activities. Throughout the year, there will be planned activities that the buddies can attend. The goal is to help students relate to one another by crossing cultural boundaries and have fun while doing so!

If you with to apply, please visit the Centre for Global Competency at the Nigh University Center, Room 137. Or you can send an email requesting information to cgc@uco.edu

There is another program named "Ignite". This is an intercultural program sponsored by the Centre for Global Competency that provides to American students an opportunity to have a transformative experience by spending time with international families. The goal is to expose American students to traditional foreign customs that the family practices. It has been a common activity to host a meal for the American students; while the family teaches traditions, customs and protocols. The goal is for students to gain a greater understanding of another culture, so that they can relate and appreciate those who are from other parts of the globe. Through "Ignite" students will have a transformative opportunity to learn new aspects of a new culture right here in Oklahoma.

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