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International Student Council

What is ISC

The International Student Council strives to increase International student involvement within the University of Central Oklahoma community, to build a dialog for cross cultural communication, to involve international students in campus activities, to encourage an understanding of the democratic process, to develop a strong voice for international student concerns, and to develop internship and scholarship opportunities for international students.

The International Student Council shall address and promote the issues and needs that concern international students and represent them in committees (if any) in the university.

The International Student Council shall work collectively to be involved in campus wide activities. This involvement serves to promote the identity of the International Student Council.

The International Student Council shall support any student or organization within the University of Central Oklahoma as far as resources permit.

The International Student Council holds meetings on Mondays from 4pm to 5pm throughout the semester. We meet at the Nigh University Center, Room 300 or Room 301.  
The International Student Council was awarded the UCO Student Organization of the Year in 2012.

ISC Executive Officers and Advisors

President: Jimmy Lai – Taiwan Vice President: Barbara Lacerda - Brazil Secretary: Chloe Zhang - China Treasurer: Hanseul Lee - South Korea Parliamentarian: Willy Hericson - Indonesia Senator:  Hitesh Prakash - India Public Relations Officer: Laura Miranda - Brazil Graphic Designer: Brenda Chavez - Mexico Event Mangers:

Zlatina Dineva - Bulgaria
June Chong - Malaysia


Connor Jones - United States
Giovanna Rauchbach - Brazil

Staff Advisors: Jared Scism – Office of Global Affairs
Julia Bay – Office of Global Affairs

Country Associations Within ISC

Association of Latin American Students Korean Student Association African Student Association Malaysian Student Association Chinese Student Association
Nepali Student Association European Student Association Saudi Arabian Student Association Indian Student Association
Taiwanese Student Association Japanese Student Association Vietnamese Student Association

Country Association Presidents

African Student Association: Seydou Gueye

Chinese Student Association: Chloe Zhang

European Student Association: Ariane Papazoglou

Indian Student Association: Rubiya Devasiachen

Japanese Student Association: Saki Nozaki

Korean Student Association Dung Tran

Malaysian Student Association: Yoga Banu

Nepali Student Association: Aman Shrestha

Saudi Arabian Student Association: Khalid Alrasheed

Taiwanese Student Association: David Yen

Vietnamese Student Association: Lynn Trinh

Activities Sponsored by the ISC and/or the Office of International Services

UCO Annual International Festival

UCO Annual Night Market

Mr. and Ms. International Pageant UCO

Fall, Spring or Summer Field Trip

International Student Awareness Day

International Graduation Banquet

4th of July Parade

New International Student Orientation

International Scholarship Reception

International Sport Week


Subcommittees within ISC

International Presidents Council (IPC)

Fundraising Committee

Budget Committee

International Summit Committee

Constitution Committee

Mr. and Ms. UCO International Scholarship Pageant

The Mr. & Miss UCO International Pageant is held at the end of March every year. The pageant highlights the talent, culture and diversity of UCO's international students with pageant participants from around the world. There are 1st, 2nd and 3rd place male and female winners with each receiving varying amounts of scholarships. The 1st place winners become part of UCO's "Royalty" and represent the international student population at various functions.

The Mr. & Miss UCO International 2013 Scholarship Pageant will take place on April 4, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in Constitution Hall. Admission is $3.00 and free for all UCO students who present their student ID.

Mr. & Miss UCO International 2015 Pageant Winners, Hitesh Prakash, India and Hedrine Nchinda, Cameroon


Roll of Royalty

Kamonwat Chanintakul, Thailand
Astrid Rojas, Columbia

Anuj Karmacharya, Nepal
Anuja Magar, Nepal

Amir Siddique, Pakistan
Yasin Saghafi, Iran

FNU Jiemu, China
Dhwanisha Patel, India

Stephen O. Ondiek, Kenya
Yin Hwee Chua, Malaysia

Alvin Tai Yean Teh, Malaysia
Sue Lyn Tan, Malaysia

Tanik Syal, India
Cindy Gunawan, Indonesia

Quanxiu Jin, China
Ines Manojlovska, Macedonia

Ademola Adeyemi, Nigeria
Eva Osoro, Kenya
Greisa Lalazi, Albania

Benny Tham, Malaysia
Shanta Ghosh, India

Stephen O. Ondiek, Kenya
Liuciana H. Kirana, Indonesia

Oon Feng Lim, Malaysia
Adalaida Tembo, Zambia

Michael Hermann, Ivory Coast
Ilia Pant, Nepal

Hitesh Prakash, India
Hedrine Nchinda, Cameroon

Zab Khan, Pakistan
Upasana Pathak, India



For more information about the UCO International Student Council, please email ucoisc@gmail.com or stop by the Office of Global Affairs in the Nigh University Center, Room 137


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