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The 180 Scholar

180 Scholar Program Description:

The primary purpose for the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) 180 Scholar Program is to provide a second opportunity at higher education for students who have made poor life decisions which led to emotional, social, institutional disciplinary and/or legal hardships in life.  This second opportunity encourages students to turn from a previous destructive lifestyle and commit to a productive and positive future.  In addition, the 180 Scholar Program aims to cultivate leadership characteristics within each of its participants and allow them to share their transformation with others who may be seeking a similar change in their lives.  The leadership tools acquired while participating in the 180 Scholar program will be applicable to a multitude of educational job markets and entrepreneurial opportunities.  Moreover, the 180 Scholar exemplifies hope, determination, discipline, and character. 

180 Scholar Program Scholarship Qualification Criteria:

 1st Year Scholarship Benefits and Retention Criteria:

***If retention criteria is not met, then the scholarship will be revoked for the remainder of the year.

 Goals and measurable objectives:

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