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Civil Conduct

Each student, who attends the University of Central Oklahoma, assumes an obligation to obey all University policies and regulations made by the University, to preserve faithfully all property provided by the State for his or her education, and to discharge such duties as a student with diligence, fidelity, and honor.  Furthermore, each student is expected to exemplify, on and off campus, the characteristics that comprise the following core values of the University of Central Oklahoma:

Character: Demonstrating honesty; keeping commitments; behaving in a respectful manner; and displaying trustworthiness.

Community: Developing good rapport with key elements of the community; promoting citizenship, which includes civic virtues and duties that prescribe how one should behave as part of a community.

Civility: Being open to others' ideas and opinions; being courteous when speaking to others; being considerate of the feelings and thoughts of others; and tolerant.

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