Procedural Advisors

What is a UCO Procedural Advisor?PA Session

  • A UCO Procedural Advisor (P.A.) is an annually trained University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) Faculty, Staff, or Student community member who volunteers their knowledge, time, and communication abilities to help student respondents or complainants understand and navigate the student conduct process and procedures.

***For the purposes of reducing the amount of redundancy in this document, the term “student participant” shall serve as an all-encompassing term for student respondents and complainants, as defined by sections II. 14. and 15. of the current UCO Code of Student Conduct. Student Participant does not refer to witnesses or any other role within the process.)***

  • The P.A. is a FREE optional service afforded to student participants in matters that have been reported to and are under investigation by the Office of Student Conduct.

  • A P.A. can help student participants understand the directly relevant and peripheral paperwork that is necessary to reach a resolution in their conduct process and overcome possible educational difficulties which could result from involvement in conduct resolution matters (i.e. housing room changes, class additions/withdrawals, or incomplete grades, etc.). Additionally, a P.A. can assist student participants in their understanding of the ramifications of their decisions and actions during and after the conduct process.

  • A P.A. is a volunteer who has agreed to abide by a signed commitment to respect the privacy of the personally identifiable information of the student participant whom they are assisting by not sharing their personally identifiable information with others, as prescribed by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (F.E.R.P.A.).

  • A P.A. can serve as a proofreader for personal statements or forms that need to be completed within the process.

What is NOT a UCO Procedural Advisor (P.A.)?

  • Whereas a P.A. could be an attorney, most P.A.s are not attorneys.
  • A P.A. cannot be a witness in the same case.
  • Advisors, who are not affiliated with the UCO or who have not participated in and completed the annual P.A. Training.
  • P.A.s are not personal assistants, employees, or a supervisor of the student participant, but a volunteer student, faculty, or staff member who can assist in the complainants’ or respondents’ understanding and navigation of the UCO student conduct process.
  • P.A.s are not confidential reporting sources or counselors. Reports of concerning and distressing behaviors are to be reported to the most appropriate resources and services, such as the UCO Police Department, the Behavioral Assessment Team (B.A.T.), or UCO Center for Counseling and Well Being.
  • P.A.s are not “ghost writers” on behalf of the student participant for the various statements and forms, which may be involved in the student conduct process.

What if a P.A. and student do not get along?

  • If personality’s conflict, concerning or distressing behaviors arise, or an emergency arises, P.A.s are not bound to a student participant in which they have originally volunteered to assist through the student conduct process. If a helpful relationship or rapport is unable to be established between the P.A. and the student participant, the P.A. will be required to submit written notification of the reason for the dissolution of the relationship to the Office of Student Conduct. Additionally, the student may notify the Office of Student Conduct and request another P.A. for the same rationale. However, if the Office of Student Conduct notices any student abusing this service, then it may be suggested that the student seek an advisor through other means.