Accidental Indication of Felony Information

If you have been contacted about the felony application review process, or discovered a hold preventing enrollment relating to a felony issue, this means it was indicated on your application that you have been charged/convicted of a felony crime.  If you believe this was by mistake and you have not been charged/convicted of a felony crime, this issue can be cleared up without having to appear before the Felony Application Review Board.

To clear that you have not been charged or convicted of a felony, you may need to complete a background check.  Please contact the Director of Student Conduct to discuss your circumstances prior to proceeding.

If the Director of Student Conduct determines you need to complete a background check, you will use the Felony Application Disclosure Form link emailed to you from to go through the disclosure form and background check process.  As you will not have documents related to a felony charge/conviction to upload, please create a Word document that states this and upload it to each field so you are able to submit the Felony Application Disclosure Form.  You will also need to enter a date of your last charge/conviction.  As you have not been charged/convicted, you may enter any date to allow you to submit the form.  You will then be taken to a site to pay a $35 dollar background check fee.  So long as the background check comes back clear, you will be reimbursed $25 dollars of the $35.

Contact the Director of Student Conduct once these steps have been completed.  The Director of Student Conduct will have the background check performed and contact you once the issue has been cleared with your next steps in the enrollment process.