General Felony Applicant Information

The University of Central Oklahoma requires a background check and additional disclosure documents from applicants who indicate on their admission application that they have been charged or convicted with a felony violation of the law.

Applicants who indicate this on their application are sent an email from with information about the disclosure process and a unique link to a Felony Application Disclosure Form website.  You will need to upload documents related to your charge(s)/conviction(s) on the Felony Application Disclosure Form and pay a $35 background check fee.  You will be able to make your background check fee payment online, immediately after your disclosure form has been submitted.

After the Felony Application Disclosure Form and the background check fee have been accepted, you will receive an email that will inform you of a date, time, and location in which you will meet with the Felony Application Review Board for a brief interview. 

In order to assist you with any questions or concerns while completing the form, we have prepared an instruction sheet to assist you along the way. Please review the instructions for completing the disclosure process and background check by clicking on this link: Supplemental Instructions.

If you are applying for Undergraduate Admission, a determination of your admission will be made based upon the UCO’s academic requirements, but your eligibility to enroll in courses will be based upon the outcome of the Felony Review Board.

If you are applying to the UCO Jackson College of Graduate Studies, your application will be forwarded to the Graduate College for processing after your background check has been completed and you are deemed eligible for enrollment in courses by the Felony Review Board.

***If you believe you indicated you were charged/convicted of a felony crime by mistake, please see “Accidental Indication of Felony Information” tab to the left***