Student Conduct - a Division of Student Affairs at the University of Central Oklahoma

Student Conduct Formal Hearing Outline

I.  Opening of Record

II. Introductions

    a) Name and affiliations of persons involved with University and/or case, in general.

III. Advisor Orientation

    a) The role of the Advisors is explained

    b) The purpose of the Office of Student Conduct is explained

IV. Reminders and Ground Rules

    a) Important parameters of behavior are expressed for the participants.

    b) The protocol for witness participation is described.

    c) Witnesses are asked to exit hearing room until called upon.

V. Nature of Hearing

    a) Hearing Body Chair reads a brief statement to describe the basic nature of the Hearing.  The Hearing Body Chair will not proceed until the nature of hearing statement has been confirmed by both parties.

    b) Hearing Body Chair explains the criteria for making the final decision.

VI. Information Presentations/Questioning\Witnesses

    a) Opportunity for Opening Statements by

        1. Complainant

        2. Respondent

    b) Summary of Investigation and Recommendation: University Investigator

    c) Opportunity for Questioning of Investigator

        1. (Hearing Body, Complainant and Respondent)

    d) Opportunity for Questioning of Complainant

        1. (Hearing Body, Respondent)

    e) Opportunity for Questioning of Respondent

        1. (Hearing Body, Complainant)

     f) Witnesses and Questioning

        1. Complainant Witnesses

        2. Respondent Witnesses

     g) Opportunity for Concluding Remarks

        1. Complainant

        2. Respondent

VII. Timeline for Outcome of Hearing

     a) Each party will be informed that a decision will be made and sent to them within five (5) University business days.

     b) Parties are dismissed

     c) Hearing Body Deliberation and Decision

VIII. Expression of Decision/Assignment of Sanctions

     a) A written letter shall be delivered within five (5) University business days.

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