Service and Assistance Animals

Information about Service and Assistance Animals at UCO

The University of Central Oklahoma is committed to making reasonable modifications to its rules, policies, and practices as required by law to afford individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to access its programs, services, and activities. One modification, related to animals on campus has been established to assist those in need of such modifications as well as provide relevant information to those in the community. For the specific policy, please visit the University of Central Oklahoma's Policy on Service and Assistance Animals. For frequently asked questions, please visit the US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division.


To ensure equal access and nondiscrimination of people with disabilities, members of the University community should abide by the following best practices:

If you have a disability that may be affected by the presence of another's service or assistance animal, please contact Disability Support Services at (405) 974-2516. UCO is committed to ensuring that the needs of all people with disabilities are met and will determine how to resolve any conflicts or problems as expeditiously as possible.

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