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Address Change Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common places I need to update my address with?

UCO: UCONNECT, Central Alert

United States Post Office:, On-Campus Box

Bank: Contact Your Banking Institution

Drivers License or ID Card: Tag Agency or

Credit Cards: Contact Your Provider

Insurance: Contact Your Provider

Previous/Current Employers: Contact for Current Payroll and/or Tax Information (W-2)

Student Loans: Contact Your Provider(s) or (National Student Loan Data System)

How do I change my address with UCO?

Follow these steps:

1- Click on UCONNECT on the top of the page

2- User name and password

3- School Services

4- Broncho Central Services

5- Personal information

6- Update mailing address(es) and phone(s)

7- Make the necessary changes

How do I update Central Alert?

Follow these Steps:

1- Current Students


3- User name and password

4- Central Alert – UCO Notification System Box

5- Update addresses and phones

6- Make changes or keep current

Where do I change my address if I have an on-campus mailbox?

Please visit the Student Mail Services Homepage for more information.

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