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Bronchos with Kids

Bronchos with Kids serves as an advocate for student parents’ issues, while providing the necessary resources to ensure that they become more active and engaged participants within their community.

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Introducing the UCO Family Friendly Calendar.

This calendar features UCO and community events that are great to bring your family and children to. 


2016-2017 Baby Broncho Book

An informational guide designed for all Bronchos with children. The guide includes information about childcare, on and off-campus resources, schools, and fun child-friendly activities.

To download the Baby Broncho Book please click below.


Childcare Resources: It is always a good idea to avoid sites like Craiglist to find childcare. Below are some reputable websites that you can use to search for childcare in the area.

UCO does not endorse these sites. This is just a survey of popular websites.

Other Resources:

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