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Educational Programs

The following educational programs are currently offered by the Student Counseling Center Staff. These programs average 50 minutes in length, however adjustments can be made, if needed.

*You may click on the program you would like, fill out the Outreach Request Form and then submit it. Someone from the counseling staff will contact you about your request.

*Listing alternative dates and times will increase our availability.

*The SCC staff will not be able to honor every request, due to other job responsibilities, but will make every effort to honor as many as possible.

* Outreaches are arranged from 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday. To request presentations after 4 pm, please call Jan Chapel at 974-2215.

* Contacting us early in the semester will enable us to better meet your needs.

*If you request a PowerPoint presentation, the equipment will need to be available.

If you have a specific request for a program not on this list,
please call us at 974-2215 and we may be able to accommodate your needs.


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