Dating Violence Quiz and Answers

Multiple Choice

1. Select all the behaviors that could be a sign of relationship abuse.
A. Your partner takes a nap while you're talking to him or her about something important.
B. Your partner tells you that you're fat and ugly.
C. Your partner lets you know that he/she doesn't like it when you "flirt" with other people.
D. You're a vegetarian, and your partner makes you eat at a restaurant with no veggie menu.

2. True love is...
A. Never having to say, "I'm sorry."
B. Feeling that your partner's needs are just as important as your own.
C. When your partner is jealous and possessive-that's how you know he/she loves you.
D. When you and your partner love spending all your time together.

3. Select all of the following behaviors that could be considered a sign of dating violence.
A. You and your partner are having an argument in the car, and your partner keeps swerving into the oncoming lane until you agree.
B. When you try to end the relationship, your partner says he/she can't live without you and threatens suicide.
C. You have an argument about what to do on a Friday night, so you decide to spend the evening alone and don't speak until the next day.
D. After you go out on a Friday night with your friends, your partner falsely accuses you of cheating.

4. Which of the following is an important part of a healthy, loving relationship?
A. Spending all your time together.
B. Valuing each other's opinions and ideas.
C. Having sex every day.
D. Your partner is totally hot.

5. How do you keep safe in a dating relationship?
A. Communicate with your partner about your expectations.
B. Carry a gun.
C. Just don't date--it's the only way to stay safe.
D. Get to know yourself and your beliefs before jumping into relationships.

True or False

6. Drug and/or alcohol abuse is often a factor in dating violence incidents.

7. If violence occurs once in a dating relationship, it is likely to happen again.

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