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Student Affairs Newsletter
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The Facts Behind the Student Activity Fee
Student Affairs Newsletter

The Student Activity Fee (SAF) is a mandatory fee charged to all undergraduate and graduate students each semester. As of fall 2014, the amount of the Student Activity Fee is $14.25 per credit hour.

The $14.25 is broken down between many different entities.

$7.55 (53%) Department of Athletics

$6.69 (47%) Division of Student Affairs:

  • o $2.47 (37%) Programs, services, salaries, and office budgets to support division priorities
  • o $2.47 (37%) UCOSA allocations committee (provides budgets for registered student organizations)
  • o $1.74 (26%) University Activities

(allocated by a board made up of UCOSA officers to fund programs, services, and scholarships that appeal to a broad campus population).

Student Affairs Newsletter

The fee funds many things on campus; concerts, lectures, dancers, comedy shows, special events, The Vista, community service initiatives, debate teams, jazz musicians, discounted (or free) tickets, provides funding for nearly 200 student organizations as well as awards scholarships, employs student workers, and provides support to many offices in the Division of Student Affairs.

Each piece of the SAF that is allocated under the Student Affairs umbrella goes through great scrutiny to make sure it allocated for appropriate use. The UCOSA allocations committee (known as the “Ways & Means Committee”) spends about 4 weeks each spring hearing and reviewing requests from each organization requesting funding. The board is advised by SAF guru, Teresa Metzger, but the students actually award the budgets.

The “University Wide” allocations are made by the 5 Executive Officers of UCOSA. These 5 students will review and allocate nearly 75 different budgets. This happens annually during the last week of March.

For the Student Affairs distribution, offices submit budget priorities – these are submitted, vetted, aligned with division priorities, and then approved before making any allocations for the upcoming year. The Department of Athletics makes decisions about their portion according to their policies and practices. Student Affairs is not involved with their allocation process.

As you can see, the SAF funds many things across the university. It is allocated with great care by many different groups of students. The SAF truly helps to keep the heart of a vibrant campus community beating!

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Campus Activities
Student Affairs Newsletter

The Student Engagement Team consists of Campus Activities, Fraternity/Sorority Life, Parent & Family Programs, and Spirit Teams. Our mission is to engage students with the UCO campus and offer opportunities for learning and transformative experiences that extend beyond the walls of the classroom. We coordinate a majority of the student involvement opportunities on campus. 

Multiple options abound for UCO students, from attending a program, joining a student organization, chairing a major campus event, serving as a student intern, being president of a fraternity or sorority, volunteering during the Homecoming Parade, bringing their mothers to Mom’s Day, cheering for the football team...the list goes on and on. 

In Campus Activities alone, we have over 90 executive board positions and 500 member/volunteer opportunities for students. Additionally, UCO has almost 200 student organizations and twenty fraternity/sorority chapters; we pride ourselves on challenging and supporting our students to reach their highest potential.  And we have a lot of fun while doing it!

 Student Engagement Team
Student Affairs Newsletter

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• Kay Robinson (Director)
• Courtney James (Assistant Director, Campus Activities)
• Jenna Lutz (Assistant Director, Fraternity/Sorority Life)
• Caleb Cash (Coordinator, Parent & Family Programs)
• Nicole Doherty (Coordinator, Campus Activities)
• Kaitlin Logan (Coordinator, Fraternity/Sorority Life)
• Austin Robles (Cheer Coach)
• Lil Doescher (Pom Coach)
• Ana Anderson (Student Life Administrative Assistant and honorary team member)

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inside this student affairs issue
Employee Spotlight

Jenna Mercer
Newest Student Success Advisor for the College of Liberal Arts.

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Q & A with Nicole Doherty
Coordinator, Campus Activities and
Student Orgs.

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Fast Facts

Did you know that BIG PINK raised
$5,586.11 this year?

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Endeavor Games

Katrina Shaklee, Executive Director of the UCO Wellness Center and and Jeremy Campbell, three time Paralympic Gold medalist, were both recently featured in “Legendary Locals,”

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International House Night Gala 2014

The University of Central Oklahoma's International House facilitates global engagement and intercultural proficiencies by bringing together Central's students, staff, faculty and community.

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Event Photo Student Affairs UCO

We have some great photos from the Transformative Learning Conference and Big Pink.

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