University of Central Oklahoma

Student Affairs Staff

Vice Presidents Office

Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Myron Pope 2361
Business Manager Molly Smith 2594
Budget Officer Lisa Buesing 2726
Administrative Assistant III Stepheny Smith 3515

Student Conduct

Director for Student Conduct Chris Snoddy
Assistant Director of Student Conduct Rod Costner 3516

Student Success

Director for Student Success Melissa Hayt 3589
Director of Academic Advisement Heather Peck 2335
Assistant Director Academic Retention and Outreach Stephanie Driver 2350
Administrative Specialist II Charlene Gant 5340
Administrative Specialist I Kim Dolman 2938

Student Life

Assistant Vice President 
Cole Stanley
Director of Office of Office of Diversity & Inclusion MeShawn Conley 
Director of Student Engagement Kay Robinson   
Associate Director of Student Engagement Ellen Engh
Assistant Director of Student Engagement  
Jacob Tidwell
Business Manager Teresa Metzger   
Administrative Assistant I
Ana Anderson 5002
Administrative Assistant III Lisa Renfro 2588

Career Services

Director  Elizabeth Enck 2389
Administrative Assistant III Julie Mills 2765

Disability Support Services

Director for Disability Support Services Sharla Weathers 2544
Administrative Assistant II Patty Hogg 2516

Student Support Services

Executive Director Victoria Arnold 3604
Administrative Assistant II Jennifer Downing 3606

Undergraduate Admissions

Executive Director Barry Lofton 3603
Director for Undergraduate Admissions Dallas Caldwell 2631
Assistant Director/Recruitment Jonathan Stephens 2450
Administrative Specialist II Misty Davis 2427


Director Megan Hagar 2725

Upward Bound- Classic

Program Manager UB Classic Pamela Edwards 3602
Administrative Assistant Vacant

Upward Bound-Math/Science

Program Manager UB Math & Science Rosario Riley 3601
Administrative Assistant Vacant


Associate Vice President Adam Johnson 2385
Associate Registrar Shelley Majors 2356


Assistant Registrar/Articulation  Taylor Baird 2332

Call Center

Call Center Operations Fallon Casteel 2734

Veteran Student Services

Project Director - SALUTE Kennan Horn 2403
Coordinator for Veteran Affairs Jill Langston 2578

Student Financial Services

Bursar James Powers 2955

Financial Aid

Director Student Financial Aid Susan Prater 2300
Assistant Director for Tech Services Kerri Housley 5325
Assistant Director Work-study/Scholarships Carol Dean 3940
Administrative Assistant II Linda Winn 2303

Office of Global Affairs

Executive Director Dennis Dunham 2374
Director for Admissions & Communications Timothy Kok 2370
Assistant Director for Retention Jalal Daneshfar 2377
Administrative Assistant III Pat Casey 2373
Administrative Assistant I Vacant  

Center for Counseling and Well-Being

Director  Julia Reed 2640
Administrative Assistant II Jill Holland

Experiential Learning

Senior Director Sharra Hynes 2624


Office of Student Affairs
100 N. University Drive
Lillard Administration Building Suite 213
Edmond, OK 73034 (405) 974-2361