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Computerized Placement Test (CPT)

General Information:

The Computerized Placement Test (CPT), which is produced by ACCUPLACER®, is used to determine your readiness for college level courses in English, Reading, and Mathematics. Scores used for placement are based on UCO student success in college level courses. 

The CPT exam is an integrated system of computer-adaptive assessments. This means that the sequence of test questions presented to each student and the questions themselves will vary because they are based on responses to prior test questions. A student taking the same test twice in succession will almost always be given different questions. Every time you answer a question the computer selects the next question to fit your skill level in the subject - the test adapts to you! The CPT is not timed.

The Reading Comprehension Test includes identifying, applying, and drawing references from a passage as well as understanding the relationship between sentences.

The Sentence Skills Test includes sentence correction and construction.

The Arithmetic Test covers whole numbers and fractions, decimals and percents, and applications & problem solving.

The Elementary Algebra Test utilizes three types of operations: integers and rational numbers, algebraic expressions, and the solution of equations, inequalities, & word problems.

Special testing accommodations are available upon request (contact Disability Support Services for eligibility information).


For first time registration: Click on the "Register" button and select "Computerized Placement Test (CPT)". Follow the prompts to complete registration.

For second and third retests: Click on the "Register" button and select "RETEST Computerized Placement Test (CPT)" in order to register. After submitting payment and student information, please CALL 405.974.2388 to schedule an appointment. 

On Exam Day:

  • The student must bring a photo ID.
  • Bring money for the visitor parking lot. Cash only.
  • The student must have a student ID number in order to test. If you do not have a student ID number, please complete an online admission application

Prohibited Items: This list includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, purses, hats, watches, fitbits, glasses with built in electronics, or any other electronic devices. If the student arrives at the testing center possessing any of these items, they must store them in a locker provided by the test center.


Thatcher Hall, Room 307.

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CPT Remote Proctoring:

The CPT is known nationally as the ACCUPLACER® and this means that, in certain circumstances, we can facilitate the completion of the CPT at other locations. For students out-of-state or otherwise at a distance and unable to take a placement test on campus, UCO participates in the College Board's Remote Proctoring Network. This is a nationwide network of campuses with testing centers qualified to administer the ACCUPLACER® exam. If you are interested in taking a CPT somewhere other than the UCO campus, you must first contact UCO Testing Services to make arrangements. Our office can assist you in locating the nearest authorized location and pre-register you to take the test. Once a permissible test site is located, we will provide you further instructions about scheduling your exam with that institution. The student is responsible for any fees charged by the remote testing facility.