Old north and a testing booklet.

CPT Retest Policy

Students are allowed to retake the CPT two times. A CPT Retest payment must be made on the Testing Services website before appointments can be set. Students must also wait a minimum of one week between retests in addition to paying the retest fee.

In order to pay for the exam:

  • Go to uco.edu/testing
  • Click ‘Register’
  • Select ‘Computerized Placement Test (CPT)’ from the ‘Choose a Group’ menu
  • Select ‘RETEST Computerized Placement Test (CPT)’ from the ‘Choose an Exam’ menu
  • Follow the prompts and fill in all necessary fields for payment
  • Call us to schedule the exam (you CANNOT schedule online), 405-974-2388

Please note: Students are strongly encouraged to use the free study materials located under the 'Computerized Placement Test (CPT)' tab. However, students may utilize any study resources other than the recommended materials on our website.