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The Executive Branch

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The Executive Branch of the UCO Student Association is composed of the Student Body President, Vice President, and eight executive cabinet members.  The executive cabinet is chosen by the Student Body President and, with the exception of the Director of Political Affairs, confirmed by the UCO Student Congress.  Please use the “Contact Us” section to the left to contact the specific person or persons you are interested in speaking with.

Executive Leadership

Below is the University of Central Oklahoma Student Body elected the Student Body President and Vice President for the 2017-2018 academic school year.  

StocktonUCO Student Association President - Stockton Duvall

Stockton's major is Business management and his involvement includes Leaders of tomorrow, OKC Leaders in Training, Winterglow, TEDxUCO, Pros for Africa, VSLC’s Alternative Spring Break program and the BCM. He hopes to work for an international nonprofit and get his master. He may possibly get a doctorate and return back to Higher Ed to become a professor! Stockton got involved with UCOSA because Cash Deitz reached out to him when he was a freshman, also because he felt UCOSA was the best place to help UCO's campus. His favorite quote is "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead. Fun fact: He saw 11 of the presidential candidates for the 2016 election!

MadisonUCO Student Association Vice President - Madison Richard

Madison's major is Political Science with a minor in Economics. Her involvement includes being the Public Relations chair for her sorority, serving as the Competitions Director for Homecoming, being the director of UCO's sketch comedy show, Friday Night Live, and being in the Leaders of Tomorrow council. Some other Exec boards she has served on include TedXUCO, Big Event and UCOLA. Her career plans consist of going to Law School and becoming a practicing attorney, and then eventually making her way back to higher ed and finishing up her career as a professor. She joined Freshman Council during her first semester at UCO. She has always loved government so this organization was perfect for me! After a semester of learning the process, Madison joined UCOSA. She became the Public Relations chair and enjoyed her time as a senator. The best part about UCOSA is that you can truly make a difference to the students on this campus. You can make their lives easier without them even realizing what's happening, or who is doing it, which is a very humbling experience. Her favorite thing to do in her free time is hanging out with friends! She likes to laugh (which is why I love FNL), so she surrounds herself with people who make her laugh until her belly hurts! Madison also loves adventures - She's even been skydiving! She is not a big TV or movie person, but her favorite movie is, and always will be, Hot Rod. Madison loves getting to know people so don't hesitate to come to the UCOSA office and introduce yourself to her or the other four amazing Exec members! You are the reason why we do the things we do!

Executive Cabinet

Press Secretary

Shall be in charge of public relations regarding the Executive Branch.  He or she shall be responsible for keeping the UCO campus aware of UCOSA information through social media and other means.

Director of Athletic Affairs

Shall act as the liaison between the Office of the President and the Athletics department.  He or she shall also coordinate sponsored tailgating.

Director of Special Projects

Shall serve as the liaison between the Office of the President and the students for the purpose of student involvement.  He or she shall coordinate various UCOSA campus-wide initiatives as approved by the UCOSA President and UCOSA Student Congress.

Director of Philanthropy

Shall serve as the liaison and coordinator for community service and general philanthropic events for the UCOSA Executive Branch.  He or she will coordinate fundraising efforts, and sponsorship opportunities to aid in funding UCOSA initiatives.  

Director of Political Affairs

Shall serve as the liaison between the UCOSA Executive Branch and the UCOSA Student Congress.  He or she will help develop policy and legislation in concurrence with student congressmen/ congresswomen and serve as a political advisor to the UCOSA President and Vice-President.

Director of Programming

Shall serve as the liaison between the UCOSA Executive Branch and programming entities at the University of Central Oklahoma. The Director of Programming shall oversee all executive branch programming efforts under the direction of the UCOSA President.

Director of Military and Veteran Affairs

Shall serve as the liaison between the UCOSA Executive Branch and the military and veteran students on campus. He or she shall advise the President on military and veteran Student issues.

Director of International Student Affairs

Shall severe as a liaison between the UCOSA Executive Branch and international students on campus. He or she shall advise the President on all international student issues.