A Year In Review

November 2012-November 2013

Before the Central Pantry officially opened in the Fall of 2012, we at the VSLC were continually told by non-profits in the Edmond and the OKC Metro that UCO students, faculty, and staff members were using their services, particularly their food pantries. We, at the VSLC, saw that the logical remedy was to create a food pantry on campus.  This way, those who relied on food assistance would only have to stop by between classes, or on their way home. Less hassle, less stress. And so, the UCO Central Pantry was born!

CPGRANDOPENING From left: Dr. Kathryn Gage, Fmr VP of Student Affairs, John Bobb-Semple and 
Ryan Abernathy, both of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma,
Dr. Don Betz, President of UCO, Dr. Sharra Hynes, Director of the VSLC, and
 Lyndsay Holder, Fmr Coordinator of the VSLC/Central Pantry. 

In the months following the Grand Opening, the pantry has grown significantly, both in the scope of our mission, as well of the number of users and donations received. In the links below you will find the resources we have used as well as a breakdown of the good and not so good from our first year in existence. 



Service learning




Questions and comments can be directed to Eric Hemphill, centralpantry@uco.edu, or 405.974.2621