Thank you for your interest in the 2020 Big Event!

The Application opens January 2020

**Please note individuals who are employed by the University of Central Oklahoma are ineligible to apply to be a work site.  Exceptions may apply.  Please contact the Volunteer and Service Learning Center at 405.974.2621 with any questions or request for an exception.

This year marks the 18th Anniversary of UCO's Big Event, and we are excited to work with you to make it the biggest yet! We strive to say 'Thank You' by assisting various individuals around the Edmond and Metro OKC areas. If you aren't familiar with the Big Event, it's a day where 700+ members of the UCO community come together in order to give back to the community of which we are part. For you as an individual that supports the UCO community, it means we want to thank you, so let us help you!

This year, Big Event will be on Saturday, March 28th, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Volunteer & Service Learning Center at or 974-2621. It is our job to ensure that all communications leading up to this event are clear and that our volunteers get to you on the day of without any confusion.

We look forward to assisting you. No job is too small!

2020 Big Event Site Application

 How To Be A Site for Big Event

Things We Can Do

  • Clean
  • Plant flowers, shrubs and trees (within reason)
  • Rake leaves 
  • Pick up debris 
  • Lay mulch 
  • Perform minor landscaping (no power/gas equipment can be used)
  • Assemble furniture, playgrounds, etc. (within reason) 
  • Paint as long as paint is provided 
  • Pick up trash 
  • Put together care packages for troops, oversees missions, etc. 
  • Interact with people (students, veterans, elderly, etc.)


  • Provide: Paint, Mulch, flowers, shrubs, trees, monkey grass, other ground cover, lumber, nails, special cleaning products etc.
  • Perform work in excessively high places or on a ladder higher than 6ft.
  • Carry anything over 50 lbs. (if you would like the volunteers to carry something remotely heavy, please let us know so we match the right students with your site)
  • Use any equipment that needs a power source (gas/diesel, electric, etc.)
  • Burn debris
  • Allow volunteers to be in groups less than 3, or be subdivided into groups less than 3. 

*Note Big Event Volunteers take no responsibility for any inadvertent damages during the volunteer process.