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Recording your Service Hours

As a student, staff, or faculty at UCO, we encourage you to keep track of your service hours for a number of reasons: you can use them for applying for scholarships, for setting yourself above and beyond your competition in your job search, and just as a way to keep up with your service for your resume. We now track your service hours via OrgCentral, just follow the link below!



To Request or Access your Service Hour Record

Submissions since May 15, 2019:

You may view your own service hour submission via OrgCentral by logging in and visiting the Service Hour Tab under your user profile. 

Submissions Prior to May 15, 2019 or to Request an Official Record:

You will need to submit a form requesting either your hours prior to May 15, 2019 or an official record of all hours via the following FORM

*Please allow five business days for these requests to be processed.

***Please note: If you qualify for the Distinguished Service Medal upon graduation, all hours must be logged one week before the graduation date, unless other arrangements based on extenuating circumstances are discussed with, and approved by, the VSLC.***

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