Oklahoma Standard

What is the Oklahoma Standard? 

Out of Tragedy, Courage

April 19, 1995, altered the face of Oklahoma – and the nation – forever. Despite this unspeakable tragedy, among the most lasting memories are the tenderness of the response. The people of Oklahoma banded together in a community-wide display of spontaneous altruism. Cars became ambulances. Strangers became neighbors. People literally donated the shoes off their feet. That spirit of generosity – of giving until there’s no more to give – has been part of the city’s DNA ever since it was founded. Visiting rescue workers and journalists called it the “Oklahoma Standard.”

How Can You Commit to the Oklahoma Standard? 

Committing to the Oklahoma standard means committing to any one or combination of: 

  • Service means giving your time to someone in need. This could mean volunteering at a soup kitchen, or tutoring a student.
  • Honor the victims and survivors of the 1995 bombing, by visiting the Memorial Museum, cheering at the Memorial Marathon or leaving a token of appreciation on a chair in the Memorial.
  • Kindness involves everything from holding a door for a stranger to cleaning up your neighbor’s leaves.


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UCO's Oklahoma Standard Service Honor Roll 

What is it?

  • This honor roll recognizes Broncho students that exhibit a commitment to living the Oklahoma Standard in their daily lives. 

How do students qualify?

  • Students are eligible for inclusion on the UCO Oklahoma Standard Service Honor Roll by completing and recording 100 service hours per calendar year (January-December). Please have all hours recorded by January 15th to ensure your consideration for inclusion on the Honor Roll.

  • Service Hour recording must be completed using the Volunteer and Service Learning Center’s service hour logging platform on OrgSync via www.uco.edu/servicehours

  • The Honor Roll will be announced by the end February each Spring.

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Oklahoma Standard Information Sheet


Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Volunteer Opportunities 

*Sign Up Here to Volunteer for the OKC Memorial Marathon 4/28/19*

Alternative Service Weekend Memorial Marathon Service Event 4/20/19

The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon will take place April 28, 2019