UCO Service Learning Advisory Board (SLAB)

The Volunteer and Service Learning Center utilizes the skills and resources of an advisory board made up of faculty and staff members interested and engaged in Service Learning on our campus.  The members are listed below for your reference.  If you have an interested in joining the Service Learning Advisory Board please contact Patrick Tadlock in the VSLC at ptadlock@uco.edu.


Janelle Grellner                      jgrellner@uco.edu

Patti Loughlin                         ploughlin@uco.edu

Susan Scott                           sscott@uco.edu

Jeff King                               jking47@uco.edu

Sharra Hynes                        shynes1@uco.edu

Amy Jacobson-Peters             ajacobsonpeters@uco.edu

Christy Vincent                      cvincent2@uco.edu  (Service Learning & Civic Engagement Faculty Liaison)

Cia Verscheldon                     cverscheldon@uco.edu 

Joselina Cheng                      jcheng@uco.edu 

Missy Graham                       mgraham12@uco.edu 

Mohammad Hossan               mhossan@uco.edu 

Lori Risley                            lirisley1@uco.edu   

Jill Priest                              jpriest@uco.edu

Patrick Tadlock                     ptadlock@uco.edu