Current Exemplary Articles

Ashburn, E. (2009). College makes new connections with service-learning program. The Chronicle of Higher Education. 55(25), A25.

Ashburn's article skims the surface of a service learning program at Wagner College called Civic Innovations. The program narrows in on the quality of services that the students offer instead of quantity of volunteers participating.


Becket, D., Refaei, B., & Skutar, C. (2012). A faculty learning community’s reflection on implementing service-learning goals. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. 12(1), 7-87. 

This article uses an open-access university faculty member perspective on service learning while taking into consideration civic responsbility, the connection to the community, and individual faculty goals of course curriculum. The article discusses the changing demographics of students on campus and the experience that their backgrounds can bring to service-learning projects. 


Bowen, G. A. (2010). Service learning in the scholarship of teaching and learning: Effective practices. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 4(2).

As students are increasingly moving to getting an education online, service learning should not be left behind. This article introduce four types of e-service learning hybrids that can be incorporated into an internet-based society. 


Ponder, J., Vander Veldt, M., & Lewis-Ferrell, G. (2011). Citizenship, curriculum, and critical thinking beyond the four walls of the classroom: Linking the academic content with service-learning. Teacher Education Quarterly. 38(4).

This article discusses the importance of engaging students beyond the classroom while connecting to civic responsibility through the lenses of 12 classroom teachers who enrolled in a graduate level social studies methods course that utilizes service learning.


Smith, B. H., Gahagan, J., McQuillin, S., Haywood, B., Cole, C. P., Bolton, C., & Wampler, M. K. (2011). The development of a service-learning program for first-year students based on the hallmarks of high quality service-learning and rigorous program evaluation. Innovative Higher Education. 35(5), 317-329.

The University of South Carolina facilitates a first-year student program called University 101 (U101) and includes a service learning component into the course. This article describes the purposes of service learning in U101 and the implementation of a transitional coaching program for the purpose of student mentoring. 

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