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Community Partners FAQs

How do I register my organization with the VSLC?
Call or email our office at 405.974.2621 or

How can I get UCO volunteers for my organization?
E-mail information concerning your organization and what you need from volunteers to

What kind of response will I get?
We have a lot of students with diverse interests and we get a lot of positive feedback from organizations who are satisfied with the work done by UCO students.  Although we try to meet everyone's needs, we cannot guarantee that students will be interested in your opportunity.  We can inform our students, but it is their responsibility to take the initiative. 

What is the process for communication with volunteers?
After students have expressed interest in an opportunity, they will contact you.  We will not give you any student's information, but once you have been contacted by a student, you will communicate with the student directly.

Faculty FAQs

Can Service Learning be implemented in all disciplines?
 Service-learning does not exist in a vacuum; it is a pedagogical tool that may enhance your teaching and allow students a new way to learn within a discipline.  Accordingly, service-learning activities look very different from discipline to discipline, and have useful applications in all of them.
Some sample service-learning syllabi in various disciplines may be viewed at here.

Not necessarily; Service Learning may take as large or small a role in your course as you like.  It may be a single optional project, or it may shape the entire semester.  The VSLC will work with your goals and outcomes to develop a suitable project and fit it within the framework of your course design.

Staff and Student FAQs

Can staff log hours?

Log your hours here. We can verify and track all reported hours.  Hours must logged and verified through our online OrgSync database. 

What is the VSLC

The VSLC is the Volunteer and Service Learning Center.  In our office we provide opportunities for students to engage themselves in their community by volunteering. Students, faculty and staff can volunteer at events held by the VSLC or other organizations on-campus. The VSLC can also match individuals with opportunities based on their interests. Faculty receive support for service-learning partnerships and projects. The VSLC will track and verify all service hours for students, faculty and staff and provide Service Transcripts.

Where is the VSLC?

The VSLC is located on the UCO campus in the Nigh University Center Room 212 directly across from the bookstore and next to Off-Campus Life.

What is Service Learning?

At UCO, Service Learning is defined as "course-based, credit-bearing activities in which students participate in a service projects that meet identified community needs to gain a better understanding of course content as well as an enhanced sense of civic responsibility." Service Learning integrates community service into academic instruction to support the learning goals of a course. The connection between academics and community service offers a dynamic opportunity to strengthen student learning in a powerful context where students gain first-hand experience with economic, social, cultural, educational, environmental and political issues that shape a particular course.

Why volunteer?

There are many reasons why a student might volunteer.  Some students feel the need to give back to their community while others enjoy the camaraderie established by working along side other volunteers.  Because the VSLC can track (if you log them here) and verify all of your service hours, students can use their volunteer experience when looking for a job.  Employers value well rounded students that are engaged in their community.  Also, there are scholarships and awards available for those students who show particular interest in service.

How do I volunteer?

There are several ways to volunteer through the VSLC.  The first step to volunteering is joining the VSLC's OrgSync Page. The available opportunities usually fall into two categories.  The first category is on campus volunteering.  This includes our service events and other events happening on campus that require volunteers. For a list of these, click here.  

If you are registered with the VSLC, you will be notified when these opportunities arise. The second category pertains to individual and group volunteering opportunities at different agencies.  We are partnered with numerous  Community Agencies and you can view their information online. If an agency has a specific need, we will contact everyone through our database, but if you are seeking out volunteer work, it is your job to contact the organization.

Can I volunteer on campus?

There are plenty of ways to volunteer on campus. The VSLC holds service events every semester and you are invited to participate.  Most of are events start on campus, and if we leave campus, carpooling is often available.  The VSLC also recommends volunteers to other events on campus. 

Can I volunteer somewhere that will help my major?

There are numerous opportunities that we can find to correlate with your major and assist you with graduation.  The best way to find one of these opportunities is to come into our office and visit with us about your plans.

Who are the VSLC's community partners?

The VSLC has information about over 150 organizations in the Edmond and Oklahoma City area.  This list can be viewed on OrgSync here

How does the VSLC track my hours?

In order to track your hours, you will need to complete a Service Hours Form for all of your service.  We will verify your service and place it onto your transcript.  When you need your Service Transcript, you will fill out an Official Service Transcript Request at least 10 days before it is needed.

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