UCO The Y Chapel of Song Acknowledgements


Dr. Jessie Newby Ray, Ph.D., Professor of Latin and YWCA sponsor, was the Chairman of the Y Chapel Committee.  Dr. Ray wrote a lengthy article entitled ‘Y Chapel of Song' shortly after completion of the project.  Detailed descriptions of each window, the iconography and relevance of the theme, are found in this document.  The majority of information  presented here was taken directly from this article.

Ms. Beatrice Paschall Stebbing
 wrote an article for the Summer 1996 issue of Stained Glass, entitled ‘Students Create Chapel Windows (with just a little help from Emil Frei, Jr.)' that details the effort involved in creating the two early examples of stained glass windows in college chapels - the Y Chapel of Song in Edmond, Oklahoma, and the Texas Woman's University Chapel in Denton, Texas.  

Ms. Stebbing
 also contributed an article entitled ‘Memories of Stained Glass for the Y Chapel' for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Y Chapel of Song in 1999.  Rich with human interest, this article details the labor involved in the creation of each window. 

Credit also must be given to Mr. Emil Frei, Jr., of Saint Louis , MO , the only stained glass studio owner who answered Ms. Stebbing's request for assistance in actually cutting the valuable glass for the windows.  His brought his creativity and skill to the project while encouraging the students and their teachers to persevere through many difficulties.

Mr. Bruce Love, with the Edmond Historical Society, first proposed the Y Chapel to the Oklahoma Historical Society for placement on the State Register of Historic Places, which led to placement on the National Register of Historic Places in July, 2001.