UCO Y-Chapel of Song Windows

Windows of the Y Chapel

Rose Window | North Window | South Window | The Narthex | The Chapel Doors

Students in the Art Department of then-Central State College did not wait for funding before starting the project - indeed, the windows were complete and awaiting installation before the Chapel was even completed!  

When the students met to decide a theme for the windows of the chapel, they elected not to compete with Old World artists who had portrayed the saints and Bible texts in their masterpieces.  The students chose instead to portray the songs sung in their religious services as the theme for the windows.

They met with the YMCA and YWCA representatives to select a list of songs that might be represented concretely, and determined that one patriotic song, one folk song, and one fellowship song should also be included.  

Several of the themes were selected by donors who dedicated windows to family members or friends.  Plans were made to design the windows on the south side around a male figure; on the north, a female figure.  

All of the work in the creation of the windows, with the exception of the actual cutting of the imported colored glass, was done by Central students.  They made the designs, cut the patterns, did the painting, and fired the pieces.  

The colossal project of making the windows for the Chapel was begun by Ms. Beatrice Paschall Stebbing, faculty member in the Art Department , and was continued after her departure by her colleague, Ms. Betty Winston Graham. Students involved in the design, creation and painting of the windows were Shirley McCalla Calkins, Ray Gilliland, Frances Walker, Mary Olive Moran, Mary Elizabeth Brown, Elizabeth Carlson, Ruth Russell, and Virginia Smith - all at 25 cents an hour!