Spirit Program

The University of Central Oklahoma Spirit Program is one of the best in the country and the most decorated in the state of Oklahoma. With THIRTEEN national championships since 2002, UCO teams have been consistently ranked in the top 5 in the country in Cheer and Dance.  

The UCO Spirit Teams consist of:  Cheer, Pom, Buddy Broncho and CREW.  The teams are considered sports clubs, and are supported through Student Activity Fee budgets as well as fundraising.

Our teams cheer/dance/mascot/run flags at all home football games, one away football game, all home basketball games, and any post-season play.  In addition, our members are also called upon often for special on campus appearances and photo shoots. 

Scholarships: Cheer and Pom Squad members who maintain our required 2.5 cumulative and semester GPA, and meet all team requirements, are eligible for up to $750/year scholarship.  Students who serve as Buddy Broncho are eligible for up to a $1,000/year scholarship and CREW members are eligible for a small scholarship, depending on funds.

Nationals: All game squad members of cheer and pom also attend the NCA and UDA National Championships held each year in Florida. Teams hold tryouts to fill additional spots for each team in the Fall semester.  Teams do fundraisers to help cover the costs for Nationals.


Tryouts for the 2017-2018 Cheer and Pom teams will be in May 2017. Please click to respective pages for more information to be made available after Spring Break.

Tryouts for Buddy Broncho are held on an as needed basis.

Tryouts for CREW will take place Fall 2017.


2002 - All Girl II - National Champions

2002 - Dance II - 2nd Place

2003 - All Girl II - National Champions

2003 - Dance II - National Champions

2004 - Small Coed II - National Champions

2004 - Dance II - 7th Place

2005 - Small Coed II - 3rd Place

2005 - Dance II - 8th Place

2006 - Small Coed II - 2nd Place

2006 - Dance II - 3rd Place

2007 - All Girl Int. - National Champions

2007 - Small Coed II - 3rd Place

2008 - Coed Int. - National Champions

2008 - Small Coed II - 2nd Place

2009 - Coed Int. - National Champions

2010 - Small Coed II - 2nd Place

2010 - Coed Int. - National Champions

2010 - Dance Open II - 2nd Place

2011 - Dance Open II - 4th Place

2011 - Small Coed II - 2nd Place

2012 - ALL Girl II - National Champions

2012 - STUNT National Champions

2012 - Dance Open II - 4th Place

2012 - Dance Hip Hop II - 7th Place

2013-  All Girl II- National Champions

2013-  STUNT National Champions

2014- STUNT National Champions 

2015- STUNT - 2nd Place

2015- All Girl II- 2nd Place

2015- All Girl Intermediate- 3rd Place

2016- All Girl Intermediate- National Championship


2009 - Small Coed II - 5th Place

UDA Nationals

2015- Open Jazz Division- 5th Place

2016 - Open Jazz Division- 4th Place

2016- Open Pom Division- 4th Place


If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact the Campus Activities office at 405-974-2363 or